We are a small apiary with hives in both Dutchess and Columbia Counties, located in the Hudson Valley of New York. Our bees give us some of the best raw natural wildflower honey nature can provide. We also offer many hand made items using ingredients from the hives.


Moon’s Gold Apiary welcomes you to our website. We have raw wildflower honey for sale in several sizes. Hand made soaps, pure beeswax candles and other products using beeswax and honey are also offered.

Moon’s Gold was founded in 2013 with just a few hives in the Hudson Valley, New York. We have grown to a few hundred hives and are now working on breeding a locally adapted honeybee.

Featured Products


LIP Balms


Eight scents to choose from. All made with bees wax from my hives and essentials oils.

16oz. Muth Jar


One pound of wild flower honey right from the hives. Course filtered to remove any debris but never heated over 100 degrees Fahrenheit to leave all the beneficial pollen and microbials.

Skin Cream


Cream made from 100% pure beeswax boosted with vitamin E and lavender essential oil. Great used on an dry skin patch on the body.


You are more than welcome to contact us if you have any questions concerning our services.