Get All of the Benefits of Nature

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These are the natural benefits of our products:

Avocado Oil: Contains high amounts of protein; good for your skin. It is rich in antioxidants, making it useful for healing damaged skin

Beeswax: Makes an excellent bacteria-resistant base for cosmetics; provides UV ray protection; when burned lets off a negative charge that attracts dust; Furniture protection and conditioning

Caster Oil: makes soaps lather so well

Coconut Oil: Skin softener and helps retain the moisture content of your skin

Honey: Helps alleviate allergies; All natural energy drink that boosts memory; Cough suppressant – Sleep aid – Natural antibiotic both internally and externally.

Shea Butter; Is for deep moisturizing and skin conditioning; also provides protection from UV

Not only are our products available online, but you can find them in local shops too!

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